The MOST important and frequently asked question – what makes a wine vegan/vegetarian?

  • During the winemaking process, the product is filtered through ‘fining agents’ to remove proteins, colourings and so on. Commons fining agents include; blood and bone marrow, Milk protein, egg albumen, fish oil and gelatine.
  • Thankfully in today’s society, there are many fining agents that are animal friendly which are used to make wines vegan.

Pairing wine with vegetarian meals may seem frightening especially when most pairings focus on red meat and fish, but the most crucial role played is the flavour, acidity and body of the wine paired. The key to a pairing is finding that magical moment when the pairing causes a buttery melty in your mouth. The best way to achieve the perfect combination with vegetable dishes is to pair according to the herbs and spices present, alongside the wines characteristics. For example, Bold Red wines pair best with Rich Tomato based dishes, whereas a light bodied, citrusy white wine pairs best with a creamier, buttery dish.

However, it’s remarkably important to remember that not every suggested pairing will amalgamate as they should. Some wines may not sit right but this has so many possibilities as to why; what grape was used, the region the wine was yielded, the age of the wine and so on. It’s all about finding the precise balance for you.

Most Rose wines are significantly difficult to pair with meals, particularly vegetarian, so it’s better to stick with a light bodied white or full bodied red to reach that textbook combination.

Organic Wine – why and how is it Organic?

  • Again, it’s all in the production process! Most grapes are grown using artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. However, Organic wine is grown according to principles of Organic farming, therefore there are no artificial fertilisers and pesticides used in the production process.

Biodynamic Wine!

  • Essentially an Organic process, on a higher, more spiritual scale. Biodynamic farming encompasses the idea that a vineyard is an entire system and takes into account the impacts of factors such as astrological influences. A biodynamic wine will not be made using synthetic enhancers and manipulators.

This November is World Vegan Month! Celebrate by heading to Online Wine Cellar and grabbing yourself a bottle or two of fine Vegan wine.