Could you go meat free for 7 days?

So many people worldwide are reducing and/or eliminating meat from their diet in a bid to live a healthier lifestyle. National Vegetarian Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate traditional food and try experimenting with new food.

For many, vegetarianism has been a part of their lives since childhood. In 2016, many are adopting this way of life as an individual choice for many reasons; religion, animal welfare, environmental health. Most commonly, in an approach to reach a healthier lifestyle. Combine this with added pressure from the government and NHS and you have your answer; Vegetarian! Vegetarian cuisine is full of choice, excitement and selection.

Another stigma associated with vegetarianism is the idea of reigning in your inner carnivore and ditching meat in favour of veggie options is a permanent everyday change; it doesn’t have to be. Even cutting back meat once a week will have a significant impact on your health!
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When it comes to pairing Vegetarian food and wine; the same principle applies…To achieve a delicious combination, pair your vegetarian recipe with wine based on herbs, spices and oils!